GigForce by AgileOne

GigForce, an AgileOne technology, provides flexible freelance project options that fit the ever-changing world of work. As an online platform, GigForce opens opportunities for companies of all sizes to find and engage top freelance talent to get their “gigs” done.

Providing expert consultation for WSPs

GigForce helps the client track adoption rates and offers insights into where adoption may be lagging. It also helps the client develop and distribute branded communications that reinforce the value and objectives of the workforce solutions program. These communication strategies ensure employees know if and when to use the workforce solution program while guiding the client to understand who is and who isn’t using the program.

Creating Awareness through Branding

GigForce creates awareness of the MSP Program throughout the organization. It is vital to ensure that all communications related to the workforce solutions program include accurate branding.

Brand consistency, positive employee experience, and widespread awareness are critical to a successful program branding campaign.

GigForce for the Freelancer helps you:

Get noticed

Opportunities to get your profile in front of a variety of companies. Additional features allow you to confirm areas of expertise.

Get gigs

Simply apply to projects of interest. Online platform also allows companies to find you based on skills matching or direct invitation.

Take control

No need for a middle man! You directly negotiate project terms, payment, etc. with the company or person needing work done.

Get paid

Once project is completed, payment is received directly into your Online account.