Today there are over 450 technologies that assist with the attraction and management of both external and full-time talent. We make selection and integration of these tools easy.

Our Technology Innovation Center continues to build our own and partner with some of the top companies today to bring our clients a robust global footprint of technology solutions, transformational methodologies, and consulting partners to architect the best technology infrastructure for your organization.

Vendor Management System

AccelerationVMS: A web based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that streamlines non-employee workforce management, increasing visibility and compliance while decreasing liability and overhead.

Statement of Work

AccelerationSOW: A versatile, services procurement tool that improves the processes related to statement-of-work “(SOW)” including engaging consulting firms, executing offshore projects and outsourcing professional services.

Independent Contractor Compliance

AccelerationICC: A centralized system that manages independent contractors by providing the expertise, service, and software to reduce legal and financial risk.

Talent ETL

Talent ETL: Candidate engagement and talent acquisition middleware that integrates with your existing front-end and back-end systems, allowing you to pool candidates into a single database, search, screen, and engage a wide range of talent (freelancers, contractors, temporary and full-time workers) for all of your open positions.