Talent ETL

A New Way to Keep Track of Talent

Candidates have many avenues to connect with you, but how can you find them once the right position presents itself? Talent ETL! By pooling all of your candidates into a single database, you can easily stay in touch using tools and interfaces that seamlessly integrate into your employment brand. Now you can collect, search, screen, and engage all of your candidates (freelancers, contractors, temporary and full-time workers) at lower mark-ups.

Solves Challenges By:

Capturing talent that might otherwise be lost

Centralizes searches in a single database

Find candidates at lower mark-ups

Utilize your employment brand for seamless interface

Drill down on candidates based on past performance

Provides a communications platform for regular engagement

Talent ETL Features

Capture Talent

Automatically populate your database with candidates from sources you already own. Whether you are capturing data entered into your company website or migrating information from previous engagements, Talent ETL makes it easy to access every type of candidate (freelancers, contingent workers, full-time employees) in a single, searchable database.

Our Technology, Your Brand

Applicants move seamlessly from your company website to Talent ETL with no change in the look and feel of the interface. By supporting your employment brand, the technology makes it easy for current employees and candidates to act as your ambassadors, sharing employment opportunities and helping fill your open positions.

Search and Assess

With robust search options, you can use key words and advanced conceptual search features to target specific skill sets or talent groups (freelancers only, or contract IT talent, etc.). Narrow your search even further with a hover feature that provides additional details for a specific candidate’s profile. Candidates are ranked using a star system that gives additional insight into candidate performance, plus references and recommendations from previous hiring managers.

Accessible, Actionable Data

Get on-demand access to sourcing metrics from anywhere with internet access so you can make data-driven decisions, no matter where you may be. Information is presented through consolidated, single-view dashboards and reports that give you a comprehensive look into how your program is performing.