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Why AgileOne

As the home of AgileOne’s European Shared Services Center, Poland plays a key role in supporting our European clients. Our award-winning technologies and multi-lingual service teams improve talent acquisition, streamline hiring, reduce costs, decrease liability, and increase candidate quality; all while aligning with EU and local legislation.

As a neutral service provider, clients and suppliers reap a multitude of benefits from working with AgileOne.

AgileOne’s module-based, global-ready and customizable technology platform provides dynamic workforce solutions that automate operations, streamline communication, capture data, and ensure visibility into all facets of the engagement process by adhering to various laws and regulations.

Vendor Management Software (VMS)

Statement of Work Management (SOW)


AgileOne’s suite of services is provided by experts with experience in the international staffing industry. Our programs support your teams in all aspects of your contingent labor and talent acquisition needs.

     Managed Services Programs (MSP)

     Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

     Direct Sourcing

     Global Business Hub (GBS)

     Recruitment Solutions

     Success Based Recruiting & Executive Search (SBR)


Our expertise, industry insights, and success stories are regularly distilled into Case Studies, White Papers, and Data Sheets, in order to provide companies with metrics and tangibles for evaluating how we can support your success.

Info Packets

White Papers

Case Studies



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