Statement of Work

Project Management

AccelerationSOW is a versatile services procurement tool that manages the processes related to engaging consulting firms, executing offshore projects, and outsourcing professional services.
This end-to-end technology tracks the sourcing, scheduling, and supervision of statement of work (SOW) projects so you can streamline processes and improve compliance.

Solves Challenges By:

Standardizing processes, communication templates, and contracts

Tracking project milestones and supplier performance

Automating approvals and timecard management

Supervising billing activity by project

Monitoring project costs, expenses, and invoicing

Providing visibility with on-demand reports and real-time updates

Constantly refining to meet long-term business goals

SOW Features

Project Management Your Way

AccelerationSOW’s proprietary project management features allow clients to customize their experience to meet their exact needs. This includes the ability to create multiple sub-projects within the scope of a master project. Users can further refine the distribution of their requests to specific pre-qualified vendors, making project creation simple and customizable. Requisition and workflow features can create master and sub-project setups that allow for multiple supplier awards within a project. Plus, users can set milestones for billing and other goals as well as construct requisition templates with standardized settings for recurring use.

Compliance is Key

Evaluating SOW projects and resources is a complex and potentially risky endeavor. AccelerationSOW can provide an extra layer of protection for your business by standardizing processes, increasing visibility, and tracking results. Get the tools you need to quickly evaluate and define proposed SOW engagements to assure they comply with internal and best practice guidelines. In addition to mitigating risk, the system will monitor the completion, performance, and satisfaction of each project so you can focus on what you do best.